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1. Price: The price complies with Africa/China consumption tax law but does not include international shipping fees and customs duties.

2. Product Description: Additional product information found below.

3. Rating: Check out the product rating here below the product, you can aswell rate the product.

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6. Markpedier Tier Pricing: The more products you buy, the less you pay.

9. How to buy: Once you have selected your product, contact us directly with and email and product detail. dont worry all these information are found on thesame page. One of our Agent will contact you within 24hrs.

Price Inventory and Changes on our website.

Product availability, prices and Sellers information on our website may change frequently to meet the demand for a wider range of products. These changes occur in real time and may even occur in your chart or during the checkout process. If a change occurs to your product, you will be notified and given a chance to remove the item before you submit your order.

In very rare instances, an item may become unavailable after you submit your order. If that happens, you will be notified by e-mail and the order will be cancelled. Items cannot be back ordered.